Belly Dance Classes Near Me

Belly Dance Classes Near Me

If you’re interested in learning more about belly dancing, you’ve come to the right place. These classes are taught by world-class teachers, including Habiba, Khadija, Irina, Melissa, and more. Beginner classes are an excellent way to learn basic dance moves and the control of your core muscles. More advanced classes may include props and incorporate more complicated moves. Find a class near you today to start a new and exciting adventure in dance.


Habiba offers belly dance classes near me for those who are interested in learning how to perform and teach this ancient Egyptian art form. These classes are based on the Egyptian Cabaret style, which stresses strong technique and smooth undulations. Instructors at Habiba are skilled professionals who specialize in teaching this ancient form. Habiba began performing in the 1960s and instructing in 1971. She performs throughout the Philadelphia area and schedules special dance events throughout the year.

Classes with Habiba are designed for beginners and experienced dancers alike. The instructor will guide students through the essentials of belly dancing, from proper posture and shimmies to turns and hip movements. The classes are set to the rhythms of North Africa and the Middle East, making them both inspiring and fun. Beginners will love the energy and enthusiasm that these classes offer. Learn to perform the ancient art form while developing your physical health and confidence!


Looking for Khadija belly dance classes near me? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Khadija dancers are becoming increasingly popular in America, and there are now many belly dance classes near you! Whether you’re looking for a new hobby, or to expand your dance repertoire, there’s a class for you! Listed below are a few of the many dance classes near me:

Learn how to perform with the world’s most famous belly dancer. Khadijah is a world-renowned performer and instructor of Afro-Arabic dances. Her extensive training in martial arts and long distance running has made her a popular teacher, choreographer, and instructor. She has been featured in BellyDance Magazine, BellyDance TV, Al Seha TV in Cairo, the Denver Post, and Univision, among many other media outlets. Her signature style has been featured in a variety of publications, from BellyDance Magazine and the Denver Post to HBO.


If you’re looking for belly dance classes near me, you’ve come to the right place! Irina Akulenko is a seasoned belly dancer and educator in New York City. She has been performing and teaching the art form for the past 15 years. She teaches classes for adults and kids of all ages and levels, focusing on all styles of the dance. Her approach is unique and combines a focus on culture and musicality with a focus on learning the art form.

Irina’s unique approach to belly dance demands intense concentration and isolated muscle control, and the choreography is unique. Her Diamond Cut program was developed by the legendary belly dancer Irina Akulenko. Each segment of the program includes a breakdown of the 36 basic steps and is then practiced in detail with the help of music. While the dance may sound difficult, it is actually a lot of fun, a great way to rediscover yourself and feel more confident.


If you are looking for belly dance classes near me, Melissa offers a variety of styles. Whether you’re new to belly dancing or looking for a change of pace, you’ll find the perfect class with her. You can choose a class near you or one that is farther away. Both types of classes require dedication and time. Instructors will vary in their backgrounds and abilities, and they should also be knowledgeable about the dance style that you wish to learn.

The Ya Amar School of Dance is led by Melissa McLaughlin, who has earned a reputation for providing comprehensive training in Egyptian dance styles. Her extensive knowledge of the art form has earned her a reputation as an international event producer and dancer. She has brought rising stars, scholars, and master instructors to Canada and has received invitations to perform at the prestigious Cairo Opera House. She is a member of the Open World Dance Council and has also completed an extensive training program with renowned master instructors.

Nourhan Sharif

The New England region is fortunate to have Nourhan Sharif, an internationally recognized instructor and festival producer, offering classes for both beginners and advanced dancers. Nourhan Sharif began performing with live traditional music in local Middle Eastern venues while attending Brown University. He has performed at venues such as La Camelia in Providence and Layalina in Boston and has also performed at Lebanese, Egyptian, and Greek festivals and private celebrations throughout New England.

The Egyptian Academy of Oriental Dance is home to one of the most experienced instructors in the world, Nourhan Sharif. Sharif breaks down the movements for beginner dancers in an easy-to-understand manner, while still maintaining a no-nonsense attitude while training his students. Nourhan Sharif offers belly dance classes near me at a convenient location right near Madison Square Garden. The Academy offers private labels and troupe orders.

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